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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bachelor Recap 3 & 4

From Kayla,

Here is my Bachelor recap times 2!

I hated to see Ashley leave after the 2 on 1. You rarely see the girl who receives the first impression rose leave so soon. I thought she was cute but a little emotionally unstable. I really like Shantel. I think she is sincere and sweet. Chantel is getting a little too serious for me but I think her and Brad have something strong. Ashley H and Brad really seem to be getting along great as well. I think if she can pull it together she might be there for a while.

Emily is still by far my favorite. She is beautiful and classy. However, I don't think Brad is good enough for her. I'm hoping she doesn't win so she can be the next bachelorette. Michelle is beyond crazy and I'm looking forward to her hopefully going home soon!! That's all I've got!!! So until next time...

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