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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 1

Well, my day one of training did not start the way I hoped.  I got excited and ready to start my run.  (I even downloaded new songs on my IPOD)

I hopped on our treadmill (I really did, I was THAT excited) pushed start.... and NOTHING.  Our treadmill is broken.  We tried to fix it, but had to finally admit that our craiglist find was not such a good find. 

We did lots of research and found a good deal on a new one that has a warranty.  Of course the new treadmill we bought is out of stock and we won't get it for a few weeks.  Which caused me to ask the customer service operator: "but how will i train for my marathon?".  I left out it was a mini marathon.  I thought maybe she would feel bad for me and expedite shipping on my new treadmill - not so much. 

We have learned a good lesson:

Don't buy used equipment on craigslist!

When Matt signed me up for the 8k I bet he never thought it would cost him his sanity and a new treadmill.  Oh well.... 

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