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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bachelor recap 2

From Kayla....

Can anyone tell me what an “Energy Suck” is? DRAMA!!!! The 2nd week of The Bachelor was less than entertaining to me. I thought his first date with Ashley at the carnival went really well. While I was bored with it, he seemed to have some kind of connection to her. I did not think his date with Jackie was too promising.  When you hand someone a rose and say “I am willing to stick it out if you are” does not really scream love to me. The group date was too much for me. Between the girl fight and the “It’s my birthday” comment (times 1000000) I was totally over it. Michelle is too much to handle, while she is attractive she is too in your face for me. I am still sticking with Emily as my favorite. I am anxious to see when she is going to tell Brad her story.  I hope the rest of the season improves, because I am getting a little bored with this group of girls…YAWN

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